Welcome to Sunshowers & Bass, the personal oasis of Philip and Karolina, better known as Phil & Karo.



Sunshowers & Bass is a place to share our travel + festival adventures with like-minded people, as well as a canvas for us to express ourselves.
It’s a space for me, Karolina, to write and for my partner, Phil, to shoot and edit.
Most importantly, Sunshowers & Bass is a project that allows us to talk about our two biggest passions in the world: travel and music. Travel and music have taken us (so far) to 4 continents, 9 countries, handfuls of islands, various festivals, and dozens of stages.
From dancing on a cow farm until the sun peaks over the mountains, to sleeping in a small rural village in the Philippines, to gazing at a cathedral over 2000 years old, travel and music have made these moments possible.
Sunshowers & Bass is a shared project that has both of our hearts stamped on it. I look forward to documenting all of our experiences, and Phil’s along for the ride as the amazing guy behind the camera.







When it rains and shines at the same time, look for a rainbow (or two) in the sky.

We wanted a name that was a reflection of the both of us. So we decided on something with two words, like Phil & Karo. One word for Phil. One word for me. A few days of scribbling with markers on coloured paper and scouting for synonyms, we decided on Sunshowers & Bass. 

Sunshowers = a natural phenomenon that occurs when it rains and shines at the same time. It’s a symbol for my love for the sunshine (and the rain, hello Vancouver), the outdoors, those natural moments captured while traveling, and the beauty of words.

Bass = Phil loves bass. More specifically, he loves music and a good beat he can dance to.

The name was the perfect fit: ephemeral and nostalgic mixed with something tangible and cool.





 Phil is goofy…I’m a little more reserved.

Phil is laid-back…I always have a plan.

Despite this, Phil is more cautious…I like to be spontaneous.

Phil loves music and to dance…I love to travel and explore.

Phil loves movies…I prefer reading a book.

Phil is a videographer and photographer…I’m a writer and marketer.

Because of our little differences, we complement each other, like the beach and bums, music festivals and camping, or Nutella and Nutella.




sunshowers and bassKaro

BACKGROUND: Polish / Canadian
TRAVEL: Anywhere tropical
CITIES: Banõs / Florence
SEASON: Summer
GENRE: Future bass / house
DJ: Nora En Pure
FESTIVAL: Shambhala Music Festival
SHOW: The Office / The Simpsons
FILM: The Shining / Moana
GAME: Word or drawing games like Drawful or Whatchmacallit
WAY TO NERD OUT: Cartoons / trivia



sunshowers and bassPhil 

BACKGROUND: Filipino / Iranian / Canadian
TRAVEL: Anywhere Karolina goes
CITIES: Chiang Mai / Sayulita
SEASON: Summer
GENRE: Deep House / Psytrance / Drum & Bass / Ignorant Trap
DJ: Tchami
FESTIVAL: Sham-shamblez 
SHOW: Are You Being Served?
FILM: Wall-E / Up
GAME: Strategy games like Coupe and Catan
WAY TO NERD OUT: Video games / reading graphic novels