Bucerias, Mexico x Royal Decameron Complex

January 29, 2019

It’s becoming an annual tradition of ours to travel to Mexico every year. With sunny beaches, affordable prices, and friendly locals, it’s hard to go wrong with a tropical visit to Mexico. Last year, we visited the Riviera Nayarit to stay at the Royal Decameron Complex in Bucerias, Mexico. Located approximately twenty minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias has everything you need for a quick beach getaway–with a little less of the touristy bustle that Puerto Vallarta is known for.


Bucerias is a small beach resort town and it’s name means “place of divers.” It’s a straight twenty-minute walk from the Royal Decameron Complex. The heat was sweltering when we went for our stroll, but it was also the most colourful walk, featuring every tropical plant you could dream of, funky beachfront properties, and graffiti art on walls and fences.

We visited towards the end of the high season for tourists (the end of May), so the town was surprisingly empty when we arrived. The market stall owners pounced on us left and right and we couldn’t help feeling a little conspicuous. It was a hot, lazy day so we grabbed ice cream and people-watched in the shade.

The town of Bucerias, like many towns in this region, features:

  • Cobblestone roads
  • A main square
  • A Catholic church
  • Market stalls
  • Restaurants


The Royal Decameron Complex is a resort with locations in Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, El Salvador, Haiti, Jamaica, and Peru. We normally travel on a budget, but there are a lot of affordable all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and we wanted to go on a vacation where we didn’t have to think too much. We found our travel package on Expedia with flights, hotel, meals, and drinks included. With all the necessities comfortably covered, we could then explore outside of the resort and go on day trips in the area.

Royal Decameron Complex is a photogenic, brightly painted complex thriving with tropical plants: there are towering palm trees, heavy banana plants, shy hibiscus bushes, and ancient-looking cacti.

The water along Banderas Bay is a perfect indigo blue. The waves in the morning are gentle, ideal for kayaking or splashing around in. By afternoon though, the waves pick up and become more apt for windsurfing or boogie boarding. They become quite the force to reckon with actually.

Some of the amenities at the Royal Decameron include:

  • Full beach access
  • Swimming pools
  • A gym
  • Beach volleyball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • A spa
  • Several buffets and a la carte restaurants
  • Nightly live performances
  • A disco/nightclub

We would happily return to Royal Decameron in Bucerias, Mexico. Check out our little video recap below!

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