Lifestyle Engagement Photos, Part 2: Our Home

January 19, 2019 P1044021

The first part of our engagement photo shoot naturally took place at Duffin’s Donuts, so we headed somewhere a little more private for part two. Our humble apartment in East Vancouver is our pagoda. Prior to it, we lived in a tiny attic suite (a “penthouse suite,” if you’re optimistic). The suite featured sloped ceilings, a tiny kitchenette/living room, and no insulation. There were cracked ceilings, silverfish, and mysterious carpet stains.

Even better, the suite came furnished, so we were stuck with the haunted-looking furniture of past owners. The washing and drying machines were situated outside, so they froze during the winter. During the summer, the entire lot would become enveloped in grape vines and fig tree branches. The place had character, to say the least.

Despite all of its character flaws, we loved our first treehouse together. But like a lot of real estate in Vancouver, the house was scheduled for demolition. Fortunately, this worked to our advantage because we were able to find our current humble abode.

After checking out (and nearly agreeing to) a severely sketchy apartment on the West End, we serendipitously found our new apartment in East Van right afterwards. It was a gift from the universe for trusting our intuition, as well as surviving our attic suite for two years.

Our new building is retro with several cats and the best building manager. Since moving in, we decked out our south-facing home with plants, dream catchers, books, cards, board games, candles, and pillows until it finally became our little zen den.

We love our home and we hope you’ll like it too! Check out Part 2 of our lifestyle engagement photos below. Photos were taken by the Amazing Albert of High North Productions.

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