SNSHWRS & BSS – Mix 006

November 18, 2018

sunshowers and bass

Hello, friendos.

October was an excellent month. Not only did we get something like three straight weeks of sunshine, but the Halloween spirit was also extra spooky this year. I worked on a fun lil’ Halloween video for the company I work at, and we had a desk decorating and costume contest as well. At home, Phil and I binge watched Buzzfeed Unsolved, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Riverdale (tis’ a creepy storyline this season). We also watched the Netflix UK horror movie The Ritual (it takes place in the beautiful and startling Scandinavian wilderness) and the new Halloween film that hit theatres (which unfortunately wasn’t very interesting nor scary). The month of October–and ~libra szn~ in general–is my favourite time of the year and I’m glad we got to enjoy it to its full extent.

It already feels like ages ago, but I also had my birthday in October and hit a quarter of a century years old. We went to check out Shiba San with the gang at Celebrities. Dancing to good hau5 music with good company is my fave, so I couldn’t really ask for more. Check out Shiba San’s new track “All I Need”–it’s gud.

It’s hard to pick a favourite track this month, perhaps Yaeji’s wispy house song “One More” or Petit Biscuit’s where-is-my-mind-reminiscent “Suffer.” Phil prefers Daniel Avery’s “Hyper Detail” because it’s “straight ravery” – Phil Mo.

Check out our Spotify finds below!

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